RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin DVD-Rip 576p Re-Release!

[EruPii-Raws] RAINBOW -Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin- - 01 [DVD 1024x576 x264-10bit AC3][D35C53D1].mkv_snapshot_21.12_[2019.07.15_19.18.30]

Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a reencode from one of my older projects back in 2014: this was an anime series from 2010 called RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. My older encode lacked of details pretty much and was quite crappy. This one is maybe a little better (at least it has much more detail). Unfortunately, I only have the rental version which lacks of Episode 13 (but this one was a recap anyway so it’s not a huge problem) but maybe I can get the first DVD of the retail version – it may have the creditless OP/ED. I think I’ll get them soon and see if they really have those extras. Until then, enjoy this one!


Axess Kids Station project status

Hey guys, I’ve come with an update regarding to the Axess Kids Station project. From Episode 45, it seems Kids Station decided to encrypt their transport streams, therefore I can’t finish the 720p version. Even though I have the streams from Episodes 45 and 46 I can’t play them on my PC.

I can encode Episode 44 but as for the rest of the series, I have to drop the project. Sorry guys. 😞

However, in this case I will start doing the 576p DVD version of Axess, at least I have all the ISOs on my PC.