Rockman.EXE 10-bit released!

Rockman.EXE (10-bit)
Netto-kun seems very happy, as you can see…

Finally the 10-bit version of Rockman.EXE is released, although they’re the episodes I have. If by chance you own some Rockman.EXE DVDs I don’t have, please contact me!


5 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE 10-bit released!

  1. Hello, I was wondering if it’s at all possible for you to release EPs 26, 27 and 52 for the original Mega Man NT Warrior series? AKA S1?


      • Well, the mentioned episodes are on 3 different DVDs.
        Episode 26 is contained on First Area 09, Episode 27 is on Second Area 01 and Episode 52 is on Second Area 09.
        It’s a hard question since the DVDs I’ve mentioned are quite hard to obtain.

        Well, on the Japanese Amazon site, Second Area 01 is the only available DVD which costs ~$130 with the shipping fee.
        I checked too. Although there are all the DVDs available, I doubt they’re no longer available. There, the DVDs and the shipping fee would cost $236.86.


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