Magic Kaito released!

"You shouldn't eat fish in front of me!" "But I like to visually torture you!"
“You shouldn’t eat fish in front of me!”
“But I like to torture you visually!”

So, here is a Christmas present to you! Merry Christmas, everyone!


13 thoughts on “Magic Kaito released!

  1. Do you have other rips in mind?
    There are a lot of bad rips out there like Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Mushrambo’s Movies(only the movies, the series was well ripped), and others…
    It’s just a suggestion but they are great projects.


    • I usually do rips from animes I know and am interested in.
      From the ones you mentioned, I only know Beyblade. Although I know the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, I haven’t seen 5D’s, only Duel Monsters and GX. I don’t think I’ll rip them. My main goal is to make RAWs for the Rockman.EXE series which are my main projects.


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