Rockman.EXE 10-bit – episodes 51-53 released!


Here they are, the episodes 51-53 from Rockman.EXE. Enjoy!


Rockman.EXE Second Area 09 – news

Today, Second Area 09 has finally arrived. As I wrote before, it includes three episodes:

  • Episode 51: The Moment of Collapse! (or: Break Down!)
  • Episode 52: The Secret of the Ayanokouji house!
  • Episode 53: Commander Beef VS Netto-kun!

I’ll encode the 10-bit version of them first because I have to refine my settings for the 8-bit release.

Edit: There will not be newer 8-bit episode releases neither from Rockman.EXE nor Rockman.EXE Beast+.

Rockman.EXE Beast+ – coming soon

On Monday the Rockman.EXE Beast+ DVDs arrived at my home, but I came home only today (Wednesday). Soon, I’ll encode the whole series, and reencode the last 8 episodes, too. ^^ I’ll make both 8-bit and 10-bit encodes, so stay tuned!

Edit: For the time being, I’m releasing the 10-bit version sooner than the 8-bit version because the results in 8 bit weren’t very good. I have to find the proper encoding settings for the 8-bit version.

Edit 2: I’m not planning on making 8-bit encodes from the newer episodes of the Rockman.EXE series anymore.