Rockman.EXE Episodes 51-53 DDLs available!

Yeah, by now you can download episodes 51-53 from MEGA. For the time being, you can only download those episodes and a few older ones, but patience is a virtue. 😉


Rockman.EXE – episodes 27-29 coming soon…

Yesterday, I successfully bought the Rockman.EXE Second Area 01 DVD on Yahoo! Auctions which contains:

  • Episode 27: To Become An Idol!
  • Episode 28: Rockman Stolen!
  • Episode 29: Trap of the Poisonous Snake Madam! (or something like that)

Let’s all thank the donator who made this possible! 🙂
Now there are 5 missing Rockman.EXE DVDs (First Area 09, Second Area 02-05-07-10). Let’s hope they’ll appear somewhere at a more decent price.

Some news for you

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while since my last post.
Well, seeing the current result of the poll, I’ll reconsider making 8-bit encodes of the newer Rockman.EXE episodes.

By the way, I’ve seen an auction on Yahoo! Auctions in which you can buy Rockman.EXE Second Area 01. It contains episodes 27-29. If you’d like me to get that DVD, then you can support me by clicking the Donate button on the right.