Rockman.EXE – episodes 27-29 coming soon…

Yesterday, I successfully bought the Rockman.EXE Second Area 01 DVD on Yahoo! Auctions which contains:

  • Episode 27: To Become An Idol!
  • Episode 28: Rockman Stolen!
  • Episode 29: Trap of the Poisonous Snake Madam! (or something like that)

Let’s all thank the donator who made this possible! 🙂
Now there are 5 missing Rockman.EXE DVDs (First Area 09, Second Area 02-05-07-10). Let’s hope they’ll appear somewhere at a more decent price.


5 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE – episodes 27-29 coming soon…

  1. It’ll be great to have all these episodes in decent quality just for sake of collection. Too bad the anime itself is trash filled with randomness, which doesn’t follow plot of the games anywhere close.

    But thank you for doing all this anyway, you’re awesome!


    • First of all, you’re really welcome.
      Second, for your question: the difference between 8-bit and 10-bit releases is their video quality. 8-bit can have blocks in their videos and for me, it’s ugly, while the 10-bit version doesn’t have this problem. I now usually encode episodes in 10-bit because of the much better quality, but for those who need the videos for making AMVs, they can have problems with them. I haven’t found my “perfect” 8-bit x264 settings, so I won’t encode the newer episodes in 8-bit yet.


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