Rockman.EXE First Area 09 released!

Is that you, Popeye...?
Is that you, Popeye…?

We’ve finally managed to complete the first half of the very first season of Rockman.EXE! These are episodes 24-26. DDL will be later. Have fun!

Edit: DDLs are also available! Have fun!


Rockman.EXE First Area 09!

You guys, you won’t believe it. I’ve been looking at the items on Yahoo! Auctions when suddenly I saw the First Area 09 DVD… At a normal price! It’s about $30-$35, so if you’d like to be a part of buying this DVD please help me by donating! Actually, I bought the DVD, but haven’t paid it yet because of my credit card… I’ll get my new one soon (hopefully), I really want to pay it but I can’t. 😦 Edit: I’ve managed to pay it, so you don’t have to donate.

By the way, this DVD contains episodes 24-26 – the end of first season and the first episode of the second season! Now we’ll have episodes 01-38 in a whole piece!