Gekijouban Rockman.EXE 10-bit released!

Forte is watching you.
Forte is watching you.

I got bored so I decided to do the movie in 10-bit version. Have fun!

Oh, and one more thing: Axess vol.01 and the Japanese DVDs of Phantom the Animation are on their way.


5 thoughts on “Gekijouban Rockman.EXE 10-bit released!

    • DVD videos must be encoded in the resolution it originally has – that’s what I think. I consider upscaling as the rape of anime encodes. Upscaled videos aren’t any better than the normal sized ones.
      Also, I won’t release regular episodes in 1280×720 because they don’t have that aspect ratio. I only release 720p when I’m working with a Blu-ray source.


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