Hungry Heart Wild Striker – vol.01-09, 11 and 13 with DDL released!

[EruPii-Raws] Hungry Heart Wild Striker - 36 [DVD 640x480 x264-10bit AC3][7D7D8135].mkv_snapshot_03.25_[2015.12.06_20.22.58]

Here is the long-awaited Hungry Heart Wild Striker release! Unfortunately, it’s not complete, but the last 2 DVDs are still available on YesAsia, so if you’d like me to complete the series, please send a little donation to my PayPal account. I’ll really appreciate them.

In this batch, you can find all the creditless OP/EDs and episodes 01-36, 41-44 and 49-52. Enjoy!

EDIT: The stuff about donation is not actual anymore since my main project Rockman.EXE is complete.


37 thoughts on “Hungry Heart Wild Striker – vol.01-09, 11 and 13 with DDL released!

  1. i have the dvd that is manga company, it is copy of the japanese dvd version, will you want it to see?
    i don’t have more money to help you to buy the dvd of genuine


  2. Would you consider completing these raws from the R1 DVD isos from asian dvd club? Surely, using R2 dvds would be ideal but I think it’s better than nothing.

    Thank you for your nice works btw. And please don’t forget that many people wait for these raws to be completed.


    • Actually, they are R2 DVDs too, but from France. The episodes themselves don’t have the OP/ED sequences with Japanese credits, only the episodes. Also, I think not every episode has their preview for the next episode, only the last ep on the DVDs. If you don’t mind that not every episode will have the Preview part, and the OP/ED sequences will be creditless versions, I will do it.


    • If I have some free time, I will try to continue this project. I don’t have the missing 2 DVDs (volumes 10 and 12), I can only make rips from the French PAL DVDs which don’t have the OP/ED sequence and the next episode previews.


  3. i think i have to try to rip my dvd for ep.37-40 first, i want to see the effect that whose dvd is better. than will rip ep.45-48.


  4. hello Edy, i am seeing for Erupii that will or will not do it, when he will not do it ,i will do it for the vol.12, so please give me more time to see.


  5. It seems Erupii won’t do it unless he can rip off some money from people. In the first place, it is weird to have all the DVD’s including the first and last, and lack two DVD’s in between…


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