New post and new poll

I’ve made a new poll about Rockman.EXE releases in the future. Please check it out.

EDIT: You can vote on this poll until 31 January this week. After that, I’ll decide what I will do.

Anyway, at the moment I can get two of the missing volumes in VHS format, Second Area 05 and Second Area 10. The latter one is available in DVD format, however, it’s way too expensive for me.

Either we’ll have RAWs for most of the missing episodes or nothing. You decide which it will be.


6 thoughts on “New post and new poll

  1. Sorry for my ingorance, but are there any differences between the VHS realease and the DVD one? And also which one has the better quality?


    • Considering their content, the only difference is that the DVD version has concept arts as a bonus material.
      Since the VHS a quite old format in which the video and audio are stored on a magnetic tape which can be easily damaged, the DVD version is obviously better.


      • Not really. VHS tapes are quite sensitive, and the quality of videos stored on tapes gets worse as years pass by. DVDs don’t have this problem because of its optical data storage.

        The reason why I put this poll out is that there are VHS releases of Second Area 05 and 10 on Yahoo! Auctions which are quite cheap (~$2-3 per cassette). I’m planning on buying them to make decent RAWs from them, but before that, I’m curious how many people are interested in RAWs from the remaining episodes at all. Of course, as a cheap DVD version appears from those volumes, I’ll try to get them.


  2. I actually have a DVD of Second Area 10 that I bought when I anticipated buying everything Rockman.EXE on DVD, not knowing how expensive it would be. I would be willing to donate said DVD free of charge. Note that the cover art is a bit sunbleached, but the disc is in *mint* condition and the case contains the original inserts. E-mail me if you are interested, and keep up the good work!

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