Axess vol.13 released!

[EruPii-Raws] Rockman.EXE Axess - 37 [DVD 640x480 x264-10bit AC3][908E3C2E].mkv_snapshot_06.43_[2016.02.25_13.32.10]

Thanks to a guy named donald, Axess 10-bit is now complete! I’ve made a torrent batch file so that you can download all the episodes at once. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, I’m making Stream 10-bit encodes from the Japanese DVDs given by donald. Thank you very much for the missing Axess DVD and the Stream DVDs, donald, I really appreciate your kindness. :3


Second Area 05 DVD released!

[EruPii-Raws] Rockman.EXE - 41 [v2][DVD 640x480 x264-10bit AC3][2843B1C3].mkv_snapshot_11.48_[2016.02.21_12.13.48].png
Today is the day we can finally say: we have all the Rockman.EXE first season episodes in DVD version. :3 Thank you for everybody who made this possible! Only DDL is available since Nyaa is being crap. Today I’ve replaced episodes 39-41 which were ripped from the VHS release, and you can now grab the beautiful DVD version. Enjoy!

Axess vol.13 and Stream replacement (Taiwanese DVD -> Japanese DVD) are coming soon…

Edit: The torrent batch is now available on Nyaa.

Second Area 05 released!

[EruPii-Raws] Rockman.EXE - 41 [VHS 640x480 x264-10bit AC3][9F87EBF3].mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2016.02.03_01.33.25]
That rare moment when Higure opens his eyes…
I got the VHS of Second Area 05 last Friday and today I can finally present you the episodes from it: episodes 39-41. Enjoy!

Of course, I’m willing to purchase the DVD of the same volume I shared with you in order to give the best quality, but if you’d like to help, you can always send me a little donation. Thank you very much if advance if you do. ^_^