Second Area 07 released!

[EruPii-Raws] Rockman.EXE - 47 [DVD 640x480 x264-10bit AC3][2D2558A8].mkv_snapshot_04.31_[2016.02.10_22.29.28]
This track is so familiar… Where have I seen it before…?
With episodes 45-47 contained in this volume, we can finally say that we have all the episodes of Rockman.EXE! Second Area 05 DVD is coming soon, so I’ll make a torrent batch when it arrives and I encode the episodes from the DVD. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Second Area 07 released!

  1. Yhaaaaaaaaaaai 😀 ! Finally after so long we have the whole of the first season! Thank you very much man! But I have a question, are you going to finish the 8 bit version? I think 8 bit version is better because is more compatible and I can’t really notice the difference.


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