Rockman.EXE Episode 10-12 720p released!

[EruPii-Raws] Rockman.EXE - 12 [Kids Station 960x720 x264-10bit AAC][3FA0C15F].mkv_snapshot_18.09_[2017.09.19_19.19.40]

Hey guys, I’m finally back, so here are episodes 10-12! Enjoy!

As for episode 09: I will do that too, but there are corrupted parts of the TS file, so I’ll replace them with the DVD footage. I’ll do my best in making the DVD parts not look too crappy on 720p. ^^” Hopefully I can do this episode this weekend or next week as I’ll go home to grab the DVDISO.

UPDATE: Today I got a non-corrupted version of episode 09, so I can encode it without using any DVD footage. Thank you very much Akai Shuichi for sharing your TS source with me!


2 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Episode 10-12 720p released!

  1. Thanks Erupii :D! Btw I had a question, are the original rockman episodes that you upload interlaced? If that’s the case what deinterlacer settings do you use in MeGUI? I have the English dub DVD isos of rockman.exe, and the videos were interlaced so I was wondering what programs or settings you use to deinterlace, and also when you rip a DVD how do you separate each episode? Because when I encode a DVD with 3 episodes it just encodes them into a single file.


    • You’re welcome. 😉
      Yeah, they’re all interlaced. I use my pre-written avs script for different kinds of sources which include inverse telecine: I normally use TFM with clip2 TDeint and TDecimate.
      In my early encodes, I separately encoded episodes with Trim() in my avs scripts. Now I use DVD Decrypter for the DVD encodes and I extract the episodes by chapters. This way, encoding is much easier and I do not really have to search for the starting and ending frames of each episode.


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