11 thoughts on “Rockman.EXE Axess (10-bit)

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the dvd rips!
    I have all the rockman exe dvds.
    Also I have the rockman exe axess vol.13.
    Do you want the ISO?
    I can make it for you.
    So that you can make the rest 3 episodes.


      • Oh, you already got it.
        So you don’t need the ISO of vol 13 any more, do you?
        I’m confused by your reply, LOL
        Also I found that 3 episodes of the Season are VHS version, I’ll make that volume for you, too.
        Do you need it?
        If yes, then I’ll make it.


      • I mean, I do not have Axess vol.13, so if you uploaded it, I’d be very grateful to you. 🙂
        And as for the Season which I think is the very first Rockman.EXE series, I got the DVD of Second Area 05 (episodes 39-41 which are currently the VHS version on this site) and already encoded them, but I haven’t uploaded them to MEGA yet. It’s in progress.


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