Rockman.EXE Kids Station v2 Rips

Since it bothers me that my first version rips are not “perfect” – frame order is quite wrong in so many places in v1 videos from Episodes 01-48 – I decided to reencode all the episodes until Episode 51. This will be the final version of it.

Also, I didn’t forget about Episodes 53-54 – they are already being encoded, along with Episode 02 v2. 😉


Rockman.EXE Episode 49-51 720p released!

[EruPii-Raws] Rockman.EXE - 51 [Kids Station 960x720 x264-10bit AAC][27E2615A].mkv_snapshot_18.45_[2018.06.23_20.07.24]

Episode 49 is re-released, also Episodes 50-51 are released. Only 5 episodes left. Enjoy!

Also, I’m looking for the TS file of Episode 09, if someone has it please leave a comment under this post. Thanks in advance!