Hungry Heart Wild Striker – rest of episodes released!


Hey guys, I know you’ve been waiting for the missing episodes, but now I brought it to you! Although they are quite custom-made. The OP/ED sequences are from the Japanese DVDs and they are creditless, and the episodes and the next episode previews are from the French DVD release. The series is now complete, and you can download the episodes via DDL or torrent. Enjoy!


Hungry Heart Wild Striker – vol.01-09, 11 and 13 with DDL released!

[EruPii-Raws] Hungry Heart Wild Striker - 36 [DVD 640x480 x264-10bit AC3][7D7D8135].mkv_snapshot_03.25_[2015.12.06_20.22.58]

Here is the long-awaited Hungry Heart Wild Striker release! Unfortunately, it’s not complete, but the last 2 DVDs are still available on YesAsia, so if you’d like me to complete the series, please send a little donation to my PayPal account. I’ll really appreciate them.

In this batch, you can find all the creditless OP/EDs and episodes 01-36, 41-44 and 49-52. Enjoy!

EDIT: The stuff about donation is not actual anymore since my main project Rockman.EXE is complete.