No TV-Rip will be made from the Rockman.EXE movie

Hey guys!

Today I got hold of the source file of the movie reaired on Kids Station. I have looked into it and unfortunately it’s just a really crappy upscale, the DVD source material is much better, so I won’t encode the movie from the TV source. Quite disappointed, but no problem as sooner or later I’ll make a – hopefully – much better encode from my DVD.


Rockman.EXE will be re-aired in Japan!

Rockman.EXE First Area 09
Aw yiss!

Yep, that’s right – after 15 years, Rockman.EXE will be re-aired in Japan, from July 1st on Kids Station, and I’m planning on encoding that new re-aired version – at least, I’d really love to do it. However, I don’t know anybody who could record the broadcast for me. If by chance some of you knew someone who records anime and stuff from Japanese channels, please let me know so that I can get in touch with him/her. My e-mail address is:

Have a nice day everyone!