Second Area 05 DVD

If one of you is from the US and wants to buy the DVD of Second Area 05, here’s the chance. I won’t buy it because I already spent money on Second Area 07 unless we start collecting money for this DVD.


Second Area 07 DVD!

Well, guys, looks like we can say that we will finally have the remaining EXE episodes, and the series will be completed. Second Area 05 VHS is coming soon, and I just bought the DVD of Second Area 07 on eBay for 40 bucks(!) (and the shipping is almost the same amount).

Thank you for everyone who helped me get the remaining DVDs and stuff, and I hope you’ll looking forward to the last 6 episodes!

Poll results and RAWs news

First, I have closed the poll I’ve put in December 2015. According to the results, you’d be fine with the VHS version, so I’ve started to collect the equipment to rip EXE VHS releases. I’ll buy Second Area 05 only because…

…a guy named AdmiralPete offered me an ISO version of his Second Area 10 DVD! That’s why you’ll get episodes 54-56 soon. :3 Thank you very much AdmiralPete for your generous offer! Soon I’ll upload the cover art I got from him.

Of course, if a DVD version of Second Area 05 or 07 appears on the Internet at an acceptable price, I’ll try to get it as soon as possible and replace the VHS RAWs. 🙂