New Fansub Group dedicated to Rockman.EXE

Hey guys, this week we’ve created a fansub group called STE-Subs where we’ll publish the subs for Rockman.EXE. You can visit the website here:

Since I’m a member of that group, I’ve deleted my translations from this site so that every fansub related stuff would be released on this new site.


No TV-Rip will be made from the Rockman.EXE movie

Hey guys!

Today I got hold of the source file of the movie reaired on Kids Station. I have looked into it and unfortunately it’s just a really crappy upscale, the DVD source material is much better, so I won’t encode the movie from the TV source. Quite disappointed, but no problem as sooner or later I’ll make a – hopefully – much better encode from my DVD.

Rockman.EXE and Axess on Japanese video market service

Hey guys,

One of my friends gave me a link of a Japanese video market service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or something where the entire EXE and Axess series can be watched.

This service has a free trial for 31 days, and I wanted to try it but my credit card was not accepted during registration. I don’t know what kind of quality these videos have, so Japanese friends, if you know something about it and you could share some screenshots about these releases, please let me know either under the comment section or in email.

Thank you in advance.